5 Things to Look for in a Build-on-Your-Lot Home

October 25th, 2021 | by Tim Rawlings

If you’re thinking about building a new home on your existing real estate parcel, think about these excellent tips for constructing on-your-lot homes that will suit your needs immediately and in the years to come.

Building your own home is a hot trend. U.S. Census data shows millions of units receive permits and are constructed daily across the U.S., and planning for all of this new construction is essential.

What should you look for in a new home? If you brainstorm now, you’ll have a better chance of ending up with a building that fits what you imagined early on, and you’ll have a better idea of how to maintain your property, too. Besides following the newest building trends, think about these important options:

Fixed Pricing

One of the big questions with build-on-your-lot homes is how much they will cost. You have a budget—and it’s important to stick to it! Without oversight, it’s easy for costs to skyrocket beyond what’s comfortably affordable. With a good set of partners, you can effectively manage costs to wind up with the result you love without breaking the bank.

Energy Efficiency and Green Solutions

In brainstorming build-on-your-lot home designs, you’ll want to think about including any specific energy efficiency features. These could include:

  • Tankless water heater
  • Energy-efficient windows and insulation
  • Energy-saving heating/cooling systems

An additional tip is to think about using natural light to your advantage with large bay windows, glass sliding doors, or other options. Letting in natural light is an energy saver, but it can also improve an inhabitant’s quality of life in a big way. Think about this when considering things like indoor/outdoor or glassed/screened spaces.

Make Sure It’s Structurally Sound

You want your newly built home to be structurally sound, too, and that means using engineering principles to make sure that the design is viable. It may be a framed home or something with other materials like brick or stone veneer, but advanced engineering and architecture ensure that the building will last and be worth the effort invested in building it.

Plan for Future Space Needs

How big does the house need to be? When choosing your house plan, think about who will live there, if you will host events, and if your family size will grow in the future.

Count Bedrooms and Bathrooms

In a real estate property, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is noteworthy. It’s not just for comfort and access within the home. These rooms will, to some extent, dictate property values for resale.

Next Step: Choose Your Plan

You can choose a build-on-your-lot home plan that works for you! Get more out of an available lot with the right kind of production home and adequate customization. To make your dreams a reality, contact expert builders today.