8 Questions to Ask a New Home Builder

October 25th, 2021 | by Tim Rawlings

Building a new home is a big decision for any person. Unfortunately, so many people have had unpleasant experiences when they have built homes in the past that it’s scary even to consider.

Don’t let fear keep you from building a new home! You can face the challenge after asking lots of great questions. So, what should you ask a building professional to make sure they will do the job well?

Here are the questions that every new home buyer should ask before signing a contract or agreement with a company. Any reputable builder should be able to answer these questions and will probably have their answers readily available. Don’t feel you need to wait until you’ve found your dream house—these questions can help you avoid nightmares and make informed decisions.

The Right Considerations and Questions to Ask a New Home Builder

1. How long have you been in the construction business? 

This is the first question you should ask your new production home builder. You must be able to trust your builder to have the experience needed to construct your dream home.

2. What type of warranty do you offer with your homes?

Most production home builders offer a 1-3 year warranty. This warranty covers significant defects in the building and may also include a warranty on the construction of the foundation or the roof.

3. What is your production process? 

The production process is how many homes your builder can construct in a year. This is important to know because you want to make sure your builder is not overbooked.

4. What are the materials you will use?

You need to make sure your builder uses quality materials that are readily available, conducive to your environment, and long-lasting.

5. How long will it take to build your home?

The time it takes to build your home will vary depending on the type of home you choose. Because deadlines can often get pushed back in the construction process, knowing the timeframe upfront is helpful.

6. What is your process for selecting subcontractors?

You want to make sure your builder is selecting high-quality, trustworthy subcontractors.

7. How much experience do your subcontractors have?

Because subcontractors will significantly contribute to the building process, knowing their experience level and qualifications is crucial.

8. What is your quality control process?

Make sure your builder is using quality control practices to ensure the best results possible.

Questions Make a Difference

The questions above are just the beginning questions you should ask your new home builder. You want to feel comfortable with your new production home builder so that you know your future home is in expert hands.

A production home is a mass-produced house, as opposed to one built by a custom builder. The questions you ask a new home builder will differ depending on the type of builder you have, and it is essential to know which questions apply to your situation. Ask questions about their business and building practices, so you can feel more comfortable that they are the right builder for you.

Ask questions until you feel you understand what is happening. The right questions to ask a new home builder will help you pick the perfect house for your family and budget while avoiding nightmares along the way.