Advantages of Single-Family Homes Over Modular Homes

December 4th, 2019 | by Tim Rawlings

Having your own place to call home is a momentous occasion; you’re officially putting down your roots and making a huge investment. And, because it’s one of life’s biggest milestones, it’s only right that you take the time to weigh your options. This includes where you want to live and how your house will be constructed.

A building technique that’s all the rage these days is the modular movement, which involves putting together prefabricated pieces onto a patch of prepared land. In some cases, it makes use of retired shipping containers converted into livable spaces. This shortens the construction period and reduces the amount of generated waste, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional method.  

While it seems like the perfect building technique, don’t settle on this course of action just yet. Here are some benefits that you can only experience with a single-family home.

Permanent Foundation

Best known as a picture of the American dream (and every child’s favorite subject for artwork), a single-family home is a house that stands permanently on its own land.

Because of this style’s popularity and onsite construction, there aren’t as many regulations surrounding it. Most areas have zoning laws and restrictive covenants in place that state what you can and can’t put on or do to the land, especially where mobile structures are concerned.

More often than not, setting up a modular home falls under the “can’t” category as it requires large vehicles to transport and install the pieces. This also means that trees, lamp posts, landmarks, and wires have to be kept out of the way to accommodate the prefab size. Given all of the hassle, the prohibition isn’t unwarranted. 

No Additional Fees

Another benefit that you’ll get from a traditional building method is that it doesn’t come with hidden fees. When receiving a quote from the best home builders, you’ll notice that there are turnkey packages available. They cover everything that comes with a house, like its foundation and utility hookups. While the price tags look steeper, you’ll see exactly what you’re paying for with an itemized list.

In contrast, a modular home’s affordable rate is only its base price. It’s just the unit and its assembly that have a pocket-friendly cost, so you’ll have to shell out for additional fees. These include the foundation’s preparation (clearing out the patch of land, leveling it, and covering it in concrete), utility hookups, and more.

More Payment Options

Modular construction isn’t easy to finance, either. Not a lot of lenders are willing to bet on a house that’s built through this unconventional and relatively new method. Banks typically release money whenever the structure completes a phase. Once they’ve been notified of the progress, the institution will allow you to withdraw another portion of the loan. This goes on until the project is complete.

Since modules are made and prepared in a factory, a lending institution has no way of ensuring its security. That’s why they’ll only release a loan once the place is fully built.

When it comes to setting up your residence, it’s best to look into all of the details before taking action. Get in touch with Build On Your Land for home builders in Columbia, SC. They’ll provide you with excellent services in construction.