Choosing Between Renovation Versus Building a New Home

August 2nd, 2020 | by Tim Rawlings

What does your forever home look like? Is it an elegant two-story with custom millwork and beautiful hardwood floors? Maybe it’s a modern ranch-style home with sharp lines and sleek styling. No matter what you imagine your dream house to be, you can make that dream a reality through careful planning and the right information. In fact, you can even choose to turn your existing home into your dream home through renovations. If you’re debating remodeling versus building a new home, there are a few things the best home builders in Columbia, SC, want you to consider.

Your “Must-Have” List

There’s probably a few reasons you’re choosing to either remodel or build. Whether it’s the location of your current home or the fact that you need another spare bedroom, now is the time to get specific on the details that your future home should have. Make a list of all of the things your next home “must” have. These are non-negotiable items.  They could range from square footage to the type of lot the home is built on. Then, make another list of the “wants” you’d hope your next home has. These items aren’t deal-breakers, but they’re things that you’d love to have if possible. Maybe you’ve got your eye on a specific kitchen layout or type of garage. Getting specific with these details makes it easier to determine whether or not remodeling is even an option.

Your Budget

Before you determine whether building or remodeling is the best choice for you, it’s important to establish a budget. How much money do you have available to allocate to a remodel? How much money would you be able to spend building? Would you be able to get what you want in a home for your budget if you were to build? Could you afford the renovations desired if you chose to remodel? These are all important questions to factor in when determining a budget and when deciding on a course of action.

Benefits of Renovating

Renovating is a great course of action if you love the location of your current home. If you don’t want to switch school districts or give up your lot, renovating could be the answer. There’s no need to start over with friends or neighborhoods, as you have the ability to change the finishes in your home or alter the floorplan without having to pick up and move.

Benefits of Building

If you choose to build, there’s no need to settle. You can get exactly what you want without having to worry about current structural issues or reengineering. Building allows you to create your home from the ground up. It allows you to choose everything from the floorplan to the location of your house, making it entirely your own. Plus, building means that everything is new. There’s no need to worry about leaks, appliances breaking, or other issues. A new home means less worry!

If you’re not sure which choice is right for you, consider meeting with the best home builders in Columbia, SCBuild on Your Land, LLC makes it easy for you to make your dream home a reality. With their help, you can find a floorplan within your budget that’s in a location you adore. For more information, visit today!