Choosing the Perfect Statement Piece for Your Home

May 8th, 2020 | by Tim Rawlings

Moving into your dream house? Congratulations! Now here comes the fun part. You get to turn your house into a home! Build On Your Land, the best homebuilders in Columbia, SC, love to watch new homeowners design their interiors and turn their state-of-the-art homes into beautiful and cozy living spaces. But once the furniture is in place and the family photos are hung, some spaces can still feel empty or too plain. Choosing a statement or accent piece can give your home the fresh and unique look it needs. But how do you choose a piece that really stands out? Where do you begin? Here’s a quick guide to help you find the perfect statement piece for your new home.

Where to Start

Before you begin your search for the perfect statement piece, it’s important to have an idea of what room needs that extra flair. Is there an empty corner in the living room that could use an accent chair or mirror? A kitchen wall that needs something special? Maybe a new piece for the master bedroom? Gardens can use statement pieces too! Is there something you need for the exterior of your home? When you’re looking at thousands of different items for sale or pictures for inspiration, it can be easy to overlook the perfect statement piece if you’re not sure what you want or where you want it. Scanning the house for empty spaces can help you visualize the kind of decor you need to tie a room together.

Where to Shop

If you want something truly special, you’re not going to find it at big-name brand department stores. You have to dig a bit deeper to find that amazing conversation piece that visitors always notice. Thankfully, there are tons of places to find unique statement pieces. First, check out your local thrift or antique stores. You never know what kind of stunning secondhand pieces you’ll stumble upon in those places! To expand your search for interesting used furniture or decor that your neighbors could be getting rid of, check out classified apps such as letgo, Craigslist, or OfferUp. You can also try websites such as Etsy that feature independent artists. They have thousands of interior design items that you can guarantee are unique.

What to Look For

You might be thinking to yourself, “Great advice! But what exactly is a statement piece?” Good question. Accent or statement pieces are often very colorful, grandiose, or include interesting patterns. Basically, a statement piece is something in a room that stands out from your normal decor. It’s always the first thing people notice when they walk into a room. A statement piece can be an antique wingback chair, a large mirror with an intricate border, or even a musical instrument, such as a grand piano or standup bass. Statement pieces can also come in the form of wallpaper, rugs, or light fixtures. When you see the perfect statement piece for your new home, you’ll know it!

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