Not All Builders Will Build Anywhere: Finding a Homebuilder for Your Land

July 23rd, 2021 | by Tim Rawlings

You want to build a new home. But, many builders out there won’t let you build on your own land—they want to sell you one of their pre-set lots in a crowded community. Don’t settle for less. Finding a home builder for your land is possible, and it’s worth it!

If you want to build a new home on your own land, this blog post is for you. We’ll discuss the advantages of building on your own land and why you should find a company like Build On Your Own Land, the best new home builder in Aiken, that allows you to create a unique space on your dream piece of property.

Cost Considerations

To build a new home from scratch, you don’t need to sign your life away. Many home builders will charge you extra fees to choose a lot or upgrade basic features of your home, adding unexpected costs to your bill.

If you’re looking for a home with all the perks of new construction on a budget, find a personalized production home builder that can help. For example, at Build On Your Land prices start at $69 per square foot, and there are enough customization options to let you choose what you love but not so many that you’ll blow your budget.

Building on your own land can include everything from excavation and site prep to hardware on your doors. All you have to do is provide the land and let your home builder take care of everything else!

Room to Enjoy the Outdoors

Large open spaces are generally not allowed in the suburban communities that many builders work in. The tight restrictions on distance between neighbors and the need to pack as many homes in one space as possible means you won’t have the privacy that comes with building on your own plot of land.

When you build on your own land, there are no restrictions! You’ll have more space for outdoor living areas, gardens, playscapes, and more without having to worry about a neighbor’s fence blocking your view or your sunlight.

The privacy that can be attained with a house you build yourself is unparalleled. You’ll have as much space as you want—something that no home builder should limit for you.

Investment Opportunity

Buying land and building a house on it is one of the best investments you can make. You’re not just buying an empty lot, you’re also investing in the potential for your future home that will increase in value with each new development that takes place nearby. Buying a piece of land, building a home that you love, and letting a community pop up around it makes more financial sense than building or buying at an inflated price in an established location.

Future Expansion

Building on a lot of your choice allows you to get the home you want now and the home you want in the future. You will be able to add onto it as time goes by without having restrictions imposed upon it by unreasonable HOAs, which are usually found in traditional communities.

If you’d like to add a guest house for visiting family and friends, an outdoor kitchen, or an elaborately designed front yard, you can pursue it whenever you’re ready because you’ll have the space that building on your own land provides you.

The home you’re dreaming of awaits! If you’ve found the perfect lot with a gorgeous view and all the space you could want, start with Build On Your Land as your new home builder. Browse through our collection of production homes to find a floor plan that will meet all of your needs.

Our friendly team looks forward to hearing from you! Contact Build On Your Land today to get started building your new home.