Why You Should Build a Personalized Production Home

June 23rd, 2021 | by Tim Rawlings

The demand for new homes has continued to rise over the last one decade. This comes with the backdrop of changing demographics in home ownership as millennials take control of home ownership. There are multiple options for people who are ready to stop renting, at the top of the list building your own home.

The first step is to choose how to build your new home. Personalized production homes have emerged as a popular route to quick, hassle-free home ownership. The new home builder brings in their expertise and resources to offer a high-quality, low-stress homebuilding process.

If you want to build a home but don’t have the budget or time to start from scratch, a personalized production home could just be the solution for you. This post explores this new home build option and the advantages.

Overview of Personalized Production Homes

Once you’ve purchased land, you can start the building process. Your builder will have a library of floor plans for you to choose from.

Reasons to Build a Personalized Production Home

Here are some reasons to build a personalized production home instead of similar options:


Cost is a top consideration when you plan to own a home. Every home buyer wants to get value for their money. With a personalized production home, the costs are lower than they would be for a customized home. The building companies have reliable networks with suppliers and can get better deals for bulk purchases. The builder passes these savings to you.

Stress-Free Process

Home buyers often avoid building homes because of the amount of work and time required. With a production home, you avoid all the hassle as the builder handles everything. They will keep you involved and informed, but you won’t have the responsibility that comes with building a custom home.

Once you choose any personalizations and agree on the contract, the project takes off and you receive your completed home. You don’t have to make multiple decisions every day or visit the site to supervise the builders.

Fast Turnaround

Production builders have the expertise, experience, and resources to deliver personalized production home projects on a reasonable timeline. If you’re looking to build a new home fast, a personalized production home is the best option. The builders operate on tight schedules to meet the closing dates they set for clients.

Customization Options

The floor plan you choose will come with a limited array of personalization options which allow you to give your home some personality. Personalization features for a production home can include paint color, cabinets colors, granite colors, and flooring choices,  Your home will be similar to others built by the same company, but you will have just enough freedom to make it your own.

The high demand for homes has created a shortage in the home market and has resulted in intense competition for already built homes. Why get into a bidding war for a place that was built for someone else and has already been lived in?

Look beyond home buying to get yourself that dream home. Personalized production homes offer a fast, affordable, hassle-free route to homeownership. It all starts with choosing the right new home builder.

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