Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Custom Home

March 8th, 2022 | by Tim Rawlings

A custom home is much more challenging than site-built value dwellings, but harder does not always mean better. Before building a new home, you should know the risks involved in choosing a custom home, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with your building project.

It is well worth the time to consider this information before pulling that trigger on a new custom home.

The Top Reasons You Should Reconsider Building a Custom Home

Not For Everyone

Custom homes are built only for one person or family, whereas other houses are built for a broader audience. By building a custom home, you’re committing too much higher costs just make the house marketable if you decide to leave.

You may love modern minimalism now, but in a decade, you might want extensive renovations to change that.


Custom homes will obviously be much more expensive than standard builds, which means you will have less money to put into furnishing and decorating your home after it is built. Not only will you have to pay for the build itself, but you’ll also have to pay for the architecture design too.

Home construction costs are higher for custom homes than typical new homes. They don’t always live up to their price tags, especially when owners add amenities after closing. Even if you make all of your choices before building begins, these selections may not meet your expectations after everything has been installed.

Knowing why you want to build a house is the most important. Do you want a bigger or smaller house or maybe an extra room upstairs? Looking at predesigned plans will save you big.

In the long run, custom homes are much more expensive without a guaranteed return when you sell.

More Work for You

Building a custom home means you’ll be doing a lot of work. Not only do you have to make all the decisions when it comes to the main design, but you’ll also have to worry about the smaller things – like choosing the right fixtures and appliances.

Building Time

Custom houses can take much longer than planned once construction begins because of small budget allowances, which can result in having to live somewhere else during the building process.

You must choose everything from paint colors to custom cabinets with a custom home.  Even smaller details are more expensive on custom homes, so budget accordingly.

Custom homes take longer to build than standard homes because of all the design changes you’ll have to approve throughout the process.

Even if everything is planned ahead of time, certain hiccups during construction can result in budget overruns can happen because the house plan you designed has never been built before and everything was an estimate.

Overall, building a custom home is a hassle you don’t need to go through. With BuildonYourLand, you can build a beautiful home on your lot without the tough process of a custom home.

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